Richard Kennedy for Shawnee

The 2020 political season will be very, very different from previous years – but there is no question about the importance of the outcome. This is as true at the local level as it is at the state and national levels. After a long career in the business and nonprofit sectors, Richard Kennedy is running to represent the Shawnee District on the Frederick County Board of Supervisors, on a platform of “Building Our Future.” It will be a tough, competitive race, and he will need your support.

Richard is a new face in Frederick County politics, but he is well-known among its civic leaders. As former CEO of the Top of Virginia Regional Chamber, he worked with businesses across the region to bring higher-paying jobs to Winchester and Frederick County, and to address critical needs in areas like transportation, education, healthcare, and access to technology. With the challenges facing Virginia, as we begin the economic recovery from the Coronavirus Pandemic, Richard Kennedy is exactly the kind of leader we need – a strong voice and a clear vision for the future.

Richard has spent the last several weeks listening to residents of Frederick County about their concerns…and he is committed to continuing this open dialogue as a member of the Board of Supervisors. As you know, the Board is currently an all-Republican body – which does not make for the kind of vibrant exchange of ideas that Frederick County needs. Richard’s background and temperament will promote bipartisanship and broad public participation.

Please visit Richard Kennedy’s website by CLICKING HERE or visit him on Facebook at THIS LINK. It is a work in progress. Over the coming weeks, he will be developing and posting policy statements on a range of issues of concern to residents of Frederick County, and we will share these communications with you.

*|FNAME|*, we hope you will join Richard Kennedy on his campaign in “Building Our Future.” Richard needs your financial support HERE, he needs a team of engaged volunteers CLICK HERE to volunteer, and in November he will need your vote.

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