Board of Supervisors Accountability


Our Supervisors should be working to meet the needs and desires of the county residents, not pursuing their own agendas such as supporting politicians in other localities (i.e., LaRock Resolution) or debating whether to become a “constitutional sanctuary county,” or micro-managing the FCPS budget (which is a statutory School Board responsibility).  Supervisors should be transparent in their communication and actions, and willing to consider all sides of an issue, given the growing ethnic, racial, religious and political diversity of our county.

The future of Frederick County is bright, but we must have leaders with the vision to make the right decisions for our community’s future.  I propose that the Board of Supervisors create a 20-30 year vision for the future, which encompasses input from our residents.  This was done back in 1992, with a plan called “Vision 2020.”  It does not take the place of the Comprehensive Plan, but gives a more summary focus of the future roadmap for and developed by our residents.

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