Education & Broadband

Education as a High Priority

As a community, we must provide our children with the best possible education, given the financial and physical factors we can control. In Frederick County, we are fortunate to have such a well-run School District and highly gifted teachers and staff, led by an innovative Superintendent, Dr. David Sovine. In his eleven years, he has continually improved the quality of the school district, which is currently ranked 40th out of 132 districts in Virginia, including a rank of 17th in Virginia with the Best Teachers. Shenandoah University is one of the best small universities in the country, while our local community college offers a number of technical training courses, in addition to its other degree programs.

Educational Challenges

The future can be bright if we choose to seize it. FCPS must continually compete with the surrounding counties in attracting and keeping excellent teachers – which requires providing the best facilities, programs, and compensation, within our budget limitations. FCPS excels in comparison to other systems in Virginia, but the situation is becoming much more challenging given the prevailing attitude of some of the Supervisors who are trying to constrain our teachers’ pay and school facility improvements by undermining the budget authority of the School Board.

In the area of teacher training, Dr. Sovine, under the direction of the Virginia Department of Education, is implementing an equity program with priority placed on (1) increasing the cultural competency of Virginia’s educator workforce, and (2) eliminating opportunity gaps. This is not subject matter being taught to students; rather, it is vital training for our educators. For more info on Virginia’s Equity program see

Broadband service is also critical in the education of our children, as demonstrated by challenges in access to virtual learning under the COVID-19 environment. Families may have computers and phones but are often unable to connect to the Internet, due to either lack of service or inability to afford service. (See more under Economic Recovery.)

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