Richard Kennedy for Shawnee

Labor Day is rapidly approaching. The weekend marks the traditional start of the political campaign season – but there is nothing traditional about campaigns in this year of the pandemic. There will be no big fundraising events, no hand-shaking, no door-knocking. But Richard Kennedy needs your help and support more than ever. Here’s how you can help:

There are a number of ways – both traditional and creative – for you to volunteer, while keeping safe. If you have some time to help, please CLICK HERE and we will contact you with some volunteer opportunities.

If you would like a yard sign for your residence or place of business, or if you can help distribute yard signs to others, please CLICK HERE and we will arrange a delivery.

And of course, Richard needs financial support in order to get his message to the voters – a message about Building Our Future. If you can donate to the campaign, please CLICK HERE.

Richard has continued to meet (often virtually) with business, education, nonprofit and government leaders in the community, with teachers and parents, and with residents who are genuinely concerned about the health and security of their families. (His platform on Broadband is now posted on the campaign website.) We hope you will follow Richard at and on his Facebook page at

Richard Kennedy is running as a Democrat, but his message of civility and consensus is one that we hope will strike a chord among all voters in the Shawnee District. Partisanship and division have not served us well.

PS: Remember that voting in Virginia is both critical and simple. Go to to see if your voter registration is current. If it is not, follow the instructions to register. Then go to and sign up to receive an absentee ballot. The whole process takes less than three minutes. Do it for your families, your neighbors, and for our community.

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