Richard Kennedy for Shawnee

During my campaign for Frederick County Board of Supervisors, representing the Shawnee District, I have tried to focus on the issues of greatest concern to our community, and those over which the Board has influence.

I have outlined my ideas on how we can help small businesses recover from the economic impact of the pandemic…restore and retain good-paying jobs…ensure good quality education in a safe environment for our students and teachers…provide access to high-speed Internet service for all residents of Frederick County…provide infrastructure adequate to support future economic growth in the region…help restore the American dream of home ownership for our families…and ensure access to good quality healthcare for all of our residents.

You can read my platform and my vision by CLICKING HERE.

As we enter the final stretch of the campaign, I hope you will support my effort to instill a positive vision for Frederick County…and a new voice for the future. Please CLICK HERE to make a donation, CLICK HERE to volunteer, and CLICK HERE if you would like a yard sign for your residence or place of business.

I am running as a Democrat, but I have pledged to listen to all voices in the community and to
represent all of our residents. In this time of partisanship, we should expect nothing less from
those who serve.

PS: I encourage you all to be safe, to thank those on the front line who are working to keep us healthy and secure, and to support those in our community who are struggling. And if you wish to vote in person and to vote early, you can do so at the Office of the Registrar (107 N. Kent Street) or the satellite voting station in Sunnyside Plaza, during established hours…but only until Oct. 31.

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