Richard Kennedy for Shawnee

With just one week before the election, my principal message today is brief and simple: Vote! If you are concerned about waiting in line on Nov. 3, you have until this Saturday, Oct. 31, to vote early and in-person – either at the Office of the Registrar (107 N. Kent Street) or the satellite voting station in Sunnyside Plaza, during established hours.

My second message is also brief and simple: Thank you! The support I have received in my campaign for a seat on the Frederick County Board of Supervisors has been overwhelming. Support and encouragement have come from residents across Shawnee, but also from individuals outside the district who are responding to my message of building a better future, together, for Frederick County.

In these final days, if you are in a position to support our campaign, either with a donation (CLICK HERE) or by volunteering your time (CLICK HERE), we would welcome your help.

So much has been said about the importance of this election for the future of our country and our community. I am running, proudly, as a Democrat – but when the election is over, our friends will continue to be our friends, and neighbors will continue to be neighbors, regardless of their party affiliation. This is at the heart of my campaign – an appeal for civility, a promise to listen without preconceptions, and a vision for improving the lives of the families of Frederick County.

PS: Campaigning during the pandemic has been a challenge, but I want to extend a special thanks to those who have helped me get my message out – by phone, door-to-door, social media and otherwise – while keeping safe and observing social distancing. Your hard work on our behalf is an inspiration!

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