Richard Kennedy on Public Education

One important lesson we’ve all learned this year is that the choices we face are not easy, and our options are rarely ideal. There is no better example of this than the decisions we have to make regarding the education of our children. Families are struggling with this – and as a candidate for the Frederick County Board of Supervisors, I can appreciate their dilemma.

Giving children the best possible education while maintaining an environment that is safe and healthy – for them and for their teachers – is a huge challenge. Virtual learning is certainly not optimal, but neither is “business as usual” in the public schools.

The pandemic requires us to listen to the health and medical experts, and the current educational dilemma requires us to listen to teachers, parents and administrators. Frederick County is fortunate to have some of the best, most committed teachers in the state, led by an outstanding and innovative Superintendent. Solutions must come from the people who are most affected and most knowledgeable. Sometimes, the best thing that a political leader can do is to listen the experts, without preconception, and to let data and expertise guide their decisions.

This is my commitment to the families of Frederick County – in addressing our educational challenges and all of the issues that affect the quality of life in our community. You can read more about my platform and my vision by CLICKING HERE.

In these final two weeks of the campaign, I hope you will support my effort to instill a positive vision for Frederick County…and a new voice for the future. Please CLICK HERE to make a donation, and CLICK HERE to volunteer. I need you all. And thanks to all those who have stepped up to support my campaign. Your confidence inspires me.

PS: I know you join me in expressing my deep appreciation to our teachers and all those continue to do their essential jobs under circumstances that have been difficult at best. They are all heroes, and they deserve our thanks and respect. And remember that, until Oct. 31, you can vote early and in person at the Office of the Registrar (107 N. Kent Street) or the satellite voting station in Sunnyside Plaza, during established hours.

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