Thank You

I’m writing to sincerely thank everyone who supported my campaign for Frederick County Board of Supervisors – those who donated, the volunteers who accompanied me in knocking on doors and talking to residents, those who offered advice and encouragement during the campaign, those who braved Tuesday’s miserable weather working at the four polling places in Shawnee, and of course all those who put their faith in me with their votes.

The result was obviously not what we had hoped for…but every journey begins with a single step, and the campaign to bring positive, forward-looking change to the Board of Supervisors is a journey worth taking.

I met so many wonderful people during the campaign and was continually reenergized by their stories and hard work. Frederick County remains a special place, and I remain committed to the causes to which we aspire – including quality education in a safe environment, good jobs and strong businesses, an infrastructure that can support the area’s future growth, and a government that is responsive to the needs of its people. I am not discouraged by the outcome of the 2021 election…and I hope you share my optimism.

Richard Kennedy for Shawnee
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